(Domino Trilogy, Book 3)


by Christopher White and Monica La Porta


Execution? Check.
Murder? Check.
Betrayal? Double check.
Xander and Iris have seen it all.
Hey, when it rains, it pours.

After escaping certain death in Cascadia, Iris Flores is facing the death penalty. Again. This time in the GLAD bubble, where she is accused of murdering the prime minister.

The former golden boy of Cascadia, Xander Kendrick is now on the run, a fugitive wanted by his homeland and GLAD. Alone in a strange land and hiding from the Central Protectorate while a war is raging back home, he fights a battle of his own to save Iris.

If those odds weren’t bad enough, they must somehow find a way to return to Cascadia and stop an army from annihilating the country. 

Their world and everyone they love are doomed if they fail.

Extraordinary! In the denouement of the Domino trilogy, White and La Porta treat us to the extraordinary circumstances of a dystopian but not entirely implausible future.

Joe Mudak, Amazon