(Domino Trilogy, Book 1)


by Christopher White and Monica La Porta


She’s a misfit with no present. He’s a bad boy with no future. And they have 23 days to save the world.

A deadly plague divided humanity into three different species. An ongoing ecological crisis has plunged the world into chaos. What’s left of the once-powerful United States in 2081 is a scorched wasteland where day-to-day survival is a struggle.

Life in the pristine bubble of the Greater Los Angeles District isn’t as idyllic as the Central Protectorate wants its citizen to believe. Iris Flores and her friends are relegated to the edge of a society that has no use for them—until the day she is hunted down and forced to leave her home to spy on the enemy.

The wayward son of Cascadian political royalty, Xander Kendrick is once again in serious trouble after pummeling a man before dozens of witnesses. With no strikes left, he reluctantly opts to serve his ten years in the army instead of prison, unable to foresee that his choice will set him on a direct collision course with danger… and Iris.

As loss and betrayal destroy their lives, Iris and Xander will risk everything to save the people they love while the fate of the world hangs in the balance.

Non-stop from start to finish, most of the time while sitting on the edge of my seat!!!

schris11, Amazon

What can I say – a great dystopian world… I loved how this story was clearly laid out, then constantly moved and developed as it navigated towards the dramatic conclusion.

Mandy Parmenter, Amazon

A gripping, suspenseful tale that is a pleasure to read despite the dark and tragic overtones.

Joe Mudak, Amazon